Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cupcake Bites = FAIL

I came, I saw, I Tried and got frustrated.
I made 10 measly cupcake bites... and they were quite ugly.
So ugly in fact that I decide not to torture them anymore and eat them before anyone could see.
So now i have 30 balls of cake in my freezer in tupperware... and will wait for a night where I can be PATIENT and try again. 
On the bright side, they still tasted smashing.
Bakerella is my hero... one day I hope to made pretty little treats as perfect as hers!
P.S. Above picture are the best 2 out of the bunch! I was so proud of these 2 little cupcake bites that I wouldn't let anybody eat them!
P.P.S. putting the candy mold in the dishwasher is a very bad idea. btdt...

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