Thursday, August 6, 2009

Red Velvet Cupcakes

I have been dying to make my own red velvet cupcakes for weeks now. I finally took the plunge and made Martha Stewart's version from her new Cupcakes cook book.  These were so delicious! I didn't use the fancy cocoa powder that she used because my local grocery doesn't carry it, so I used what I could find (which was Hershey's) I also couldn't get regular buttermilk, I could only find light! (do they make whole fat buttermilk?) I used well over a teaspoon of red food coloring and I wish I had put more in to make the red a bit brighter. The best part is the cream cheese frosting... OMG I could eat it out of the bowl! I am so happy with these, I will definitely be making them again in the near future.

In other news my wonderful husband took me on a trip to Michael's where I spent a small fortune on baking supplies... I could live in Michael's! I had a ball walking around and filling up my cart with all my baking goodies! I should have taken a picture of all my loot before I opened it all. I have been playing with marzipan and fondant for the last 3 days... pics soon!


  1. Those look delicious! I've been working on perfecting my red velvet cake for a few months now. I just can't get it red enough! But then again, I'm using beet juice instead of red food coloring (I dislike using food dyes). And there are differences in cocoa powder but for most everything you'll do, Hershey's or Ghiradelli will work just fine.
    You've got a beautiful blog.

  2. Thank You SOOO much! I would love to try to get mine redder also, right now I use ay to much food dye and it's stille not as red as i would like it!